Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Exams over, what's next?

The exams are over and the kids did fairly well for the 1st half of the year. I had met up with the older kids' teachers to know more about their progress in the school.

Overall, YS's form teacher was quite pleased with his improvement and even told me that he might be selected as the class monitor when school reopens. So....we shall see :) . I've seen him put in extra effort in his studies this year and I'm quite pleased that most of the his subject's grading has improved. the same applies to his overall percentage too. Teacher also gave us a form to make an option whether we want to continue or discontinue him from the Sport Class. Knowing YS has no interest in this sports training anymore, we decided to opt him out so that he can focus more on his studies and be able to stream into other classes based on his results next year.

As for YQ, I think this is the first time I have utilised the full 10 minutes to talk to her form teacher regarding the problem she is facing with one of her classmates now. In fact, her teacher commented to me that YQ has no problem with her social skill in the school. 

After I have tried various attempts to stop the girl from continuing her childish antics on YQ, situation did not improve and I felt it was time to notify the teacher. I hope by making the teacher aware of such situation that is happening to YQ, she can keep a close watch on classmate L's behaviour. The teacher commented that both girl's are very good in their academic and they have good leadership qualities. However, YQ's character tends to lose out a bit because she is more soft spoken. What the....?

Probably from the teacher's point of view, a strong character person can be a better leader. Personally, I felt a leader without a good character will not command respect from his/her people. Whatever it is, I won't rest my case till that girl stop what she is doing to my girl. If need be, I will raise this issue up to the higher authority in the school. I shall monitor very tightly on this from now on. I do not wish my girl to be a target from these "school bullies".

As for Junior YS, I'm actually looking forward to the Parent-Teacher meeting sometime near mid June. Hopefully I won't receive another "heart attack" comments from his teachers.

During this long break, it won't be a totally "laze around, do nothing" month for them. Revision still has to go on otherwise how to catch up on their studies when the school reopens right? (yah! I went to buy a few more assessment books for YQ to do *gasps*) Of course, they still need some fun time to relax. The older kids are going for 5 days of inline skating camp. Additionally, YS will be going for a special camp which we have signed him up for and hopefully he will be able to learn the skill and technique to help him focus and excels in his studies. We have also planned some secret staycation for them to enjoy after all the camps have finished. Woo hoo!

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