Wednesday, July 15, 2015

No more perfect eyesight

I thought YQ will probably be the last one in the family who can avoid wearing spectacles. I guess my prediction is wrong this time. For the past few weeks, she has been complaining her eyes keep tearing and she can't see the words clearly in the school. I tried to brush it aside and thinking probably her eyes might be too tired.

Almost everyday without fail, she will come and complain to me and in the end I brought her to 3 optical shops to check and confirm. Why 3? Not that I'm so kiasu but the 1st and 2nd shop did not give me the correct degrees. Trying my luck with the 3rd optical shop as well as it is the last shop in that entire shopping mall. They finally got the correct degree of her short-sightedness. Luckily it is a very mild case but went ahead to make one for her whenever she needs to see the white board in the school.

So yah! That's her new image now :P

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