Thursday, July 23, 2015

YQ in the Middle

I knew the day would come and I thought I can handle the situation pretty well. Her sudden outburst gave me a shock and the more I tried to explain to her, she got even more agitated.

"Why didi always get what he wants?"
"Why you all never discipline him when he is wrong?"
"Why you let him play ipad for so long?"
"Why am I the one getting scolded when I am trying to teach didi to do the right thing?"
"Why keep asking me to do my homework when they can rest and play?"

In a way, its good that she was letting out all her unhappiness and frustration. As a mother, I'm trying to find ways to handle and cope with this issue. Trying to monitor and see if there's any way I can help to balance her imbalance state of mind. I'm sure this phase will pass (not so soon) and I just need to find the right method to tackle this issue.

Motherhood is not a bed of roses that's for sure!

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