Thursday, September 17, 2015

A Light Debate With The Hub

On a random morning:

Hb: How many times do you want the kids to bath in a day?
Me: At least twice? Once in the morning and once in the evening...
Hb: Do you know the water bill is very expensive?
Me: Do you want to pay more water bill or more medical bill?
Hb: ..................................

Yah, I'm a firm believer to "shoo" my kids into the bathroom to take their morning bath after they wake up or after they finish breakfast. I don't think I have OCD in cleanliness in that sense because I have my reason for doing so. Probably it's a habit I cultivated since young and probably I have read some where about the gross things that are living on our bed. Yah...please do not think that "things" you can't see through our naked eyes do not exist at all? 

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Imagine all the dead skins and million of dust mites lingering inside your pillows, mattresses, blankets *eww...*. I have one kid in my household who has sensitive airway (the amount of medical bills he has accumulated since young is quite huge, luckily he has no more relapse and hardly fall sick anymore) so it gives me more reason not to take any chances. 

Frequent change of bedsheets is a must and we do vacumn our mattresses and pillows using Dephin vacumn which I have invested a few years ago. When the weather is bright and sunny, my mom will take out our pillows to the balcony area and place under the sunlight. 

On a side note, I feel refresh after a bath in the morning. For my school going kids, it is good for them to feel the same way too. Fresh body and fresh mind to start the day!

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  1. Huh sometimes we bathe the kids three times cause they get so sweaty! But I have a problem w the husband about brushing teeth. Twice a day is my rule for the kids but he finds it so troublesome to get the kids to the bathroom to brush that if I left it to him, his son may not have brushed his teeth for two days!!