Thursday, October 1, 2015

September Is Over

September just gone in a flash!

The 1 week school holiday was over and haze took over, wondering when this haze problem will start to improve. So many people are panicking over the PSI level everyday, N95 masks and air purifiers are selling like hot cakes now. Our life still goes on whether the haze is good or bad.

I finally moved my butt to put up some of the kids' artworks (which they have done in the past), there are still a whole lot which I'm still keeping. At least, their artworks brightened up the boring corner of our white wall. 

We have been making full use of our 6 months USS passes for the past few months. We managed to go there during one of the better haze free day and we had so much fun due to lesser crowd.

We celebrated Mid-Autumn festival the same day following after our USS outing. This was the first time they tried the old school lanterns with real candles inside (no weird music). We had fun walking around our estate with those lanterns.

It was a month which I tried to be more adventurous and prepared some food for the family.

We also made some last minute decision to change the childcare for Junior YS. I think this decision will be good for him and good on our wallets..lols! I should have made this decision ages ago. Hope he will enjoy and learns more in a new environment. 

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