Thursday, October 15, 2015

48 Hours In Hong Kong (Part 2)

What did we do after all the walking and shopping in Hong Kong? Of course we need to replenish our energy with some food right? When we are in a foreign land, we must try the local food. The street food in Hong Kong was so good that we kept going back for more. 

These were some of the food we tried and loved. There's stinky toufu (臭豆腐) , eggettes (ji dan zai), grilled squids, HK fishballs (魚蛋), hotdog wrapped with bacon and many more.

In Hong Kong, we also tried various types of roast meat. Its really yummy~~

We tried to eat at one of the local eateries along the street. Since we are clueless which one was good, we randomly chose one that was quite crowded. Hb ordered the congee with lotus leaf glutinous rice and he commented that normally he don't like to eat lotus leaf glutinous rice but this one was real good. I had my pork chop noodles "gong zai mian", its basically instant noodle with pork chop and a fried egg.

We actually tried one of those "zhi char" stalls along the Ladies Market. It was a bad choice, we ordered the praying mantis shrimps and the quality was not fresh. The stir-fry vegetables too oily and salty. The only consolation part was the claypot rice was yummy and the beer was very nice :)

Of course, I got to try my favourite "lao po beng"!

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