Tuesday, October 13, 2015

48 Hours in Hong Kong (Part 1)

We went a very short business trip to HK over the weekend and at the same time was trying to remind myself not be too ambitious to do "so much" over there. The last time I came to HK was almost 30 years ago with my mom and I was pretty excited about this short trip. Not so much on retail therapy but actually to spend some quality time with hb since this was the 1st time we were travelling together without the kids...wahahaha! I did my own research on the Internet beforehand but realised that we did not have much time to venture around so basically we will just roam around free and easy.

With my half past six Cantonese language, we managed to eat and shop like locals. Learning to bargain like a local took me some practice and glad we managed to buy stuff that the children will like. Don't fret if you can't speak even a bit of Cantonese, most of them are well versed in Mandarin & English (for younger generation). 

We took a budget airline to HK

We were pretty clueless what train tickets we should buy, after looking at the machine for about 5 minutes, we gave up! We proceeded to the MTR information counter to purchase directly.

There's a list of tourist attractions on the various MTR stations stated on the board. At least you will now what you are expecting to see if you alight at these individual station.

We purchase a "group of 2" ticket from Airport to Tsing Yi Station. Then we need to buy tickets to take from Tsing Yi station (in between transit at Lai King station) to Yau Ma Tei station which was very near to the hotel we stayed.

The MTR system is pretty much the same as our MRT system in Singapore. The map is very user friendly and after a while we pretty much know how to get around on foot or by MTR.

We spent quite a bit of time at the ToyMart looking for toys. I reckon this will be a toys haven for toy collectors.
It is located at CTMA Centre, 1N Sai Yeung Choi Street South, Mong Kok, Kowloon.

Knowing YS loves to collect toy figurines, I managed to buy an Iron Man figurine from Hot Toys (name of the shop) and that series of figurines were solely designed by them.

Due to the lack of time,we could not check out many places. In the end we decided to take an hour ferry ride from the Star Ferry's Harbour Tour. We paid HK$90 per person and inclusive of refreshment on board the ferry.

Interior of the ferry quite warm and cosy

During night time, we walked to the Temple Street & Ladies Market for more shopping. Basically, its something similar to the bugis street in Singapore or Chee Cheong Kai in KL. Most of the stalls were selling similar items and be prepared use your bargaining skills to bargain for the best prices.

There is a street solely for street buskers to perform along the stretch of road.

Why am I putting a picture of the lift panel here? Ah...good question!
People in HK can be quite "pantang" (superstitious), can you see what numbers are missing from the lift panel? >_<

On the 2nd part on our HK trip, I will share what local food we tried. Please do not expect any fancy restaurants or michelin star restaurants coz we are trying to eat like locals there, lols!

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