Friday, March 18, 2016

KidSTOP: A Stop For All Kids

We didn't go travelling during the one week school holiday break, the kids basically went for a playdate session at KidsSTOP with one of YQ's schoolmate. Although the girl was a little disappointed that 2 of her schoolmates could not come at the very last minute but they had so much fun that day and played until almost closing time at 6pm.

The entrance fee was reasonable, I reckoned not too expensive as compared to some indoor playgrounds in Singapore. The children commented that this was the 2nd best place to play after Universal Studio Singapore, lol! Seriously, if we are staying in the west, I don't mind bringing them here to play at least once a month :P

See how excited they were even before they went into the actual place :)

Remember to call and enquire if there's any availability of tickets as the capacity is capped at 300 pax.

Remember to bring a pair of socks for each person.

Pretend play as pilot...

YS feeling nervous and excited, he went up as high as 3 or 4 metre high.

Pulled him up until the height he desired and needed to let go of the handle bar after that.

Junior YS was selecting the types of background he preferred during "driving".

He was pretending to drive but car kenna stuck and cannot move, lol!

YS trying to be a comedian reporter, perhaps?

Looking for dinosaur bones at Dino Pit, our future paleontlogist?

YS created a short video from the Stop Motion Area and also footages of them trying the Giant J. They put on their jumpsuit and helmet for protection. YQ went as high as 5m, any higher I think my heart could not take it.

21 Jurong Town Hall
Singapore 609433

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