Monday, September 5, 2016

The Slimy Project

So what's the hype about making the slime?
I am not very sure too but was told by my kids that all their friends were making slime at home and some even brought it to the school to sell to other students. YQ and her group members were asked by their teacher to make some slime for their presentation project so in the end, I have to be involved in her little project too +__+

We googled and watched many YouTube channels to try the safest and easiest method to make slime. There were so many examples online and some people even added eye drops solution or borax into it, so troublesome! Our 1st experiment was kinda half successful, the only problem was the slime dried up easily and became clumpy again the next day.

Dishwashing detergent + Corn flour

The children were quite disappointed with the outcome and complained why our slime did not look exactly like what their friends had made. We decided to give it another go and went online to search for more ideas. Finally.....

Clear glue + Baking Soda

The children were so happy with the result. The slime was more slimy, more stretchable and did not dry up so easily.

So do try this at home with your kids, it can be quite fun for adults too.

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