Friday, September 16, 2016

YS turns 11

YS's birthday coincides with the school holiday every year, so its the usual celebration within ourselves. However, when I found out that he had to go back to the school for his Chinese enrichment lesson during the school holiday, I took the opportunity and asked if he wanted to celebrate his birthday with his classmates. My initial plan was to bring a cake and let him celebrate with his classmates but I guess he was too shy and rejected my idea.

So 1 week before his birthday, I happened to pass by Cedele with the hub. I love to eat all sorts of cakes so I stopped by their cake section and looked at all their selection. We sampled some cakes and decided to order one for YS's birthday. We held the celebration at a Japanese casual dining restaurant since the birthday boy loves Japanese food.

Dear YS,

Happy Birthday, son!

Gosh! Sometimes it's hard to imagine that I have been your mommy for 11 years. You are growing real fast and I can imagine you are going to be taller than me very soon.

I guess your love for reading is one of the things that I do not have to worry about. So often that I have to keep reminding you to read in moderation in order not to affect your revision schedule. Besides growing up to be a knowledgeable person, learn to take things easy and not be like a "kan cheong" spider. I hope eventually you will learn how to take everything in your stride and make the best out of every situation. 


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