Friday, December 9, 2016

Fly To Busan - Part 1

[Ciel de Mer Hotel + Haeundae Beach]

After the recent movie "Train to Busan" screening in Singapore, coincidently we were going to Busan too and we were going there by train flight. And no...there were no zombies there to welcome us :P

If it's not because we have to attend a good friend's wedding in Busan, probably we would not have taken any couple trip to anywhere without the kids. Thanks to my mum, this trip would not been possible without her help.

We almost missed the flight that night (thanks to hb) but we managed to be the last one to reach the check-in counter before the airline staff was going to close the counter. Luckily, the cab driver knew we were in a mad rush and he drove like a Daytona to reach the airport in time. It was definitely a very "exciting" trip to start with, lol! I missed my overseas wifi router collection time at the Changi Airport and by the time I went to collect it, I was informed that the router was sent back to their office. What a bummer!

The first thing we touched down Busan was to rent a wifi router from one of their counters. Grabbed some travel guides and off we went to take their limousine bus. 

We were told by our local friend that limousine bus was much cheaper than taking a cab from the airport. Our bus fare only cost $7000 Korean Won per person for slightly more than 1-hour ride to reach our destination.

On the way, we saw Shinsegae shopping mall (the largest departmental shopping mall in Busan). They have Spa Land (heard it was quite good but we did not have the time to go) and the mega big duty-free shop. On one of the nights, we ventured there for a bit of shopping and I must admit the place was huge but be prepared to pay more if you want to shop there. We saw the Trump World Centum building. After Donald Trump won the US election, any name with the word "trump" sparked my interest :P

To ease the logistic arrangement for the bride and groom, we stayed in the same hotel as them. Ciel de Mer Hotel is a serviced apartment hotel and the room was quite spacious. It's like the studio apartment style that comes with a small kitchen area, spacious wardrobe, a washing machine, a microwave, a fridge, a hairdryer in the toilet and so on.

The only problem was they did not provide free basic amenities, you have to pay to use the amenities shown in the picture above. They only provide free towels, hair and body shampoo only.

Although we did not get to sleep much throughout the flight, we wasted no time and rushed to the nearby Haeundae Beach. The hotel is located less than 5 minutes walk from the beach.

I heard the beach is a very popular spot for tourist during summer time. We took pictures while wandering around the area...

Walking along the stretch of road.

Unique looking building along the road.

Passed by this defunct railway track nearby the Haeundae Beach.

Small fishery port near the beach

Ajummas were busy cutting fresh fishes and sorting out various seafood into individual containers.

The smell of fresh seafood was very enticing indeed.

Look out for Part 2 as we explored Jagalchi Market and BIFF Square.

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