Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Hello 2017

Well...Year 2016 has ended and we have breezed through half of January 2017 so fast. No new year resolution for me coz no matter what I have set out to do for the year, it normally won't materialise anyway :P

This year is an important year for us because the youngest has just embarked on to the Primary School system. The second child is going through streaming year and the eldest will be taking his PSLE this year *sweat*. I hope they will buck up this year and do better than their own expectations. I know it's not going to be an easy year for all of us but we will survive somehow. My nagging will still continue as long as I live...haha!

Other than studying, we hope to be able to bring them out as much as possible amidst from their self-revisions, tuitions and enrichment classes. Life is more than just studying, isn't it?

A mandatory picture to take with mummy on the first day of school.

I managed to dig out all 3 kids' "first day of school" picture. Can't believe they are growing so fast every day...

Trying our best to make time for family outing as often as possible. Since the youngest has started to ride on 2 wheels, we are able to cycle freely as much as possible from now on.

We cycled to the Road Safety Park and they had a taste of how to pump petrol at the petrol kiosk. Such a pity that this place is no longer in operation, hb and myself used to have nice childhood memories here.

I think as parents, its good to know they are progressing well not only in academic area but also in other areas which they have shown great interest in. 

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