Wednesday, February 8, 2017

CNY 2017

This year, the kids had a slightly longer CNY break and they were so happy. Luckily none of them falls sick from all the feastings and late night hours spent at relatives and in law's place. For us, we had a longer break than our kids coz our office opened on Day 7 of CNY.

This year, not much of the festive mood for us. Even though we managed to settle the kids' clothing in December last year. We were so busy with work that we did not really have much time to shop for ourselves. More than half of my clothing were purchased online and not enough time to look for new shoes for myself. CNY decors and goodies were purchased last minute too.

On the eve of CNY, kids dressed up for their school celebration and we had the annual reunion dinner buffet at in law's place.

Our mandatory trip to visit ancestors (fil's side) and also made a trip to the temple to pray to the tai sui for those whose Chinese zodiac happened to offend the tai sui in the year. Of course house visiting started on day one of CNY.

Another visit to pay respect to ancestors (mil's side) and children spent a long time at the nearby outdoor playground.

We went for a nice breakfast at Safra Punggol and went house visiting at one of our relatives' place.

Finally a day with no house visiting, we decided to have an active lifestyle (I mean cycling) at Coney Island. Last minute relatives from KL came to Singapore and we met up for a lou hei dinner to end the day before the school started.

We managed to spend some quality couple time sans kids the day before we went back to work. Hb brought me somewhere and introduced me to a new game (darts) while leaving the 2 older kids home alone for a couple of hours. Bliss!!! Wish we can do this more often :)

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