Friday, March 3, 2017

Hougang 21 Seafood

If you have a husband and a son who constantly have crabs cravings on most days then I think it's worth to check out this place. It's YUMMY, FRESH and AFFORDABLE! I think probably it's located within the neighbourhood area and that explains why the price is not that exorbitant.

After we spent a bomb at one of the seafood restaurants located at Punggol Settlements recently, I was determined not to go back there to get "slaughtered" again! I saw there was a promotion in my FB feeds and informed the hub that we should check out the place one day. 

Last weekend, hub brought us to Hougang 21 Seafood. People started queuing outside the shop when we arrived. While waiting patiently for our turn to be served, I noticed most tables ordered crabs. 

I was so excited to order their "3 crabs for $25" but the auntie told me the promotion was finished. I wasn't sure if the promotion was gone for good or just for that day only coz I was too lazy to clarify in detail with her. In the end, we ordered the "2 crabs for $35" deal and we paid $3 extra for the salted egg yolk sauce.

Be prepared to self-service if you want to order drinks. Just go to their drinks cooler and get your own drinks, take your own cups and put your own ice. Overall, it's definitely more worth to come back again for the kind of price we paid here.

Hougang 21 Seafood
212 Hougang Street 21
Singapore 530212

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