Thursday, March 2, 2017

S.D.S Bakery & Cafe: Bukit Indah branch

Recently, we found another cafe with good food with reasonable price. With the recent dropped in the Malaysia currency exchange rate, more people are going into the neighbouring country to enjoy better food, shopping and leisure purpose. My kids loved the food here and so we came back to SDS again.

Their menu is quite extensive, from local fare to western fare.

We just need to write down our own order and just press the bell once we are done.

This drink was ordered during our 1st visit, I thought it looked kinda of cute. The flavoured ice ball was separated from the soda water and we could just add the soda water according to our preferences.

During our 2nd visit, we ordered the grilled sambal fish with rice.

The kids' favourite! Creamy spaghetti with baked salmon.

My ceasar salad, the only thing which I did not like was the bread crumbs coz tasted slightly "lao hong"

Another baked salmon with potato wedges.

If my pickiest kid loved the food there then it meant that the food was NICE! Oh! I forgot to mention that their range of cakes were yummy too!

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