Friday, June 9, 2017

Officially in the 40s club

I have officially join the 40s club (yah! cannot act cute anymore!). All I can say is my heart is feeling full from all the messages received from friends and relatives. We did nothing special in particular this year, just spent precious family time with my loved ones. 

The children wish we can go overseas now (just like last year) to celebrate my birthday, actually they just want to find an excuse to go abroad *laughed*. Anyway, its quite impossible to do that because the eldest is going through PSLE this year and June holiday is not a "holiday" for him. It is a busy month for him to go through an intensive revision to prepare for his upcoming examination *stress*.  

 Mom will prepare two red eggs and an ang bao for me without fail every year.

 Going on a lunch date with the hub together with our "light bulb".

 The lunch set at Tamashii Robataya was quite affordable and the portion was just nice to my liking. Hub ordered the grilled beef lunch set and it was cooked to perfection. The meat was tender and juicy. I ordered the grilled eel set meal and the son ordered grilled chicken set meal.

  The children were planning secretly to get me a birthday cake (oh well, I knew the secret beforehand actually). Since hub secretly ordered a cake from Cake Spade, I decided to tell them not to buy another cake for me. YQ was very persistent and insisted to buy at least 1 cupcake for me :)

Our dinner plan was settled at the While Restaurant at Punggol Settlement. 

We ended the night indulging our white chocolate cheese cake from Cake Spade.

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