Tuesday, June 13, 2017

The Live Turtle and Tortoise Museum | Chinese Garden | Japanese Garden

The kids made their maiden trip to the Chinese and Japanese Gardens last weekend after their BASF workshop held at Jurong Regional Library. After lunch, I told them that I was bringing them to a secret place. They were disappointed at first when they knew I was not going to bring them to the Science Centre and complained how bored they will be. My intention was to bring them to somewhere they have never explore before since we hardly come to the west part of Singapore. Guess what? we spent a good 4 hours exploring the whole area and they told me it was actually very fun to come here. 

The last time I came here was during Secondary School days. I remembered there was performance and payment for the entrance ticket was required to enter the premise. Now everything is open for free to public, just make sure you bring enough water, snacks and umbrellas (in case of raining) if you intend to roam around for a while.

 We brought along 3 umbrellas because the weather was scorching hot and it rained for a while too.

The live turtle and tortoise museum is located within the Chinese Garden so it's advisable to park at the carpark near the Chinese Garden entrance.

Entrance of the museum

Pictures and newspaper cuttings regarding the history of the museum.

Ticketing counter

Vegetables can be bought from the ticketing booth, it cost $2 for a bunch of vegetables. The children were so facinated with feeding those hungry tortoises and we bought 3 bunches in the end.

Remember to wash your hands after feeding.

 We were told that there are about more than 40 different species in the museum and here are some of our favourites.

It can be quite imiditating to feed large tortoise and its mouth can open quite big.

The children find this pig-nose turtle very cute!

There is a bunch of tortoises that roam freely for you to feed them.

 1 Chinese Garden Road 
Singapore 619795
Opening Hours: 10am to 7pm daily

The boy trying to show his kongfu move on the 13 arch bridge.

Feel so serene....

There is a small garden that features all the different tree bonsai.

  Bonsai garden

  Enjoying the tranquility of the place

  Japanese Garden

Lotus pond

Japanese Garden & Chinese Garden
1 Chinese Garden Road
Singapore 619795
Opening Hours: 5.30am to 7pm daily

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