Monday, July 17, 2017

7th Birthday Celebration at Platform 1094

We just celebrated the littlest's 7th birthday about 2 weeks ago. It was a small celebration for him but I reckoned he enjoyed himself since we made special arrangement for him. Actually he was getting very excited the week before his birthday coz he knew he would receive ang bao and presents from us and relatives. This little boy of ours still loves Transformers and Pokemon so his wish was granted on his birthday. 
I think I'm hooked to dining at themed restaurant and so do my kids. After the previous visit to a themed cafe on YQ's birthday the previous month, they loved it. Since Pokemon cafe is not available now, I tried to to look for another alternative instead.

Since there was no Pokemon Cafe, we shall have some Pokemon themed steamed cakes. This was my second time ordering from this home baker and we loved it.

This little themed cafe is situated along Serangoon Road and make a right turn into Beng Wan Road. It is just situated in the corner of the roadside.


Props are readily available for customers to put on. One thing I realised about going to themed restaurant is we cannot be too "shy", or else we will miss out on the fun of dressing up :)

My very spontaneous daughter who dressed up in oversized cloak. Probably there should be some kiddy size available for children too. 

Our little "witch" trying to cast a spell on us! 

The birthday boy reluctantly put on the props after his sister convinced him that it was fun. Overall, the food was not bad. My favourite was the pork ribs, amazingly soft. I wouldn't mind to come back here again for their main course.

  Pesto Mayo Pork Ribs

Lebanese Grilled Chicken Pasta

  Grilled Chicken Quinoa Salad

 Mr Lick's Flaming Brew (Alcoholic)

  Mrs Lich's Butterscotch Ale

Platform 1094
1094 Serangoon Road
Singapore 328192
Tel: +65 6204 6003
Website: www.ffl.com.sg

Opening Hours:
Weekdays 11am - 10pm
Weekends 10am - 10pm

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