Thursday, July 27, 2017

DéJà Vu - The Haircut

I never thought the littlest would do the same thing as his brother did 5 years ago. Yes...they thought it was fun to cut their own hair when their friends dared them to do it with them. Sigh, no one would believe me when I felt like it was just yesterday when the eldest (YS) came back home with a hole in his hair. 

The funny story was the littlest looked extremely sad when I went to fetch him from the school. I thought someone bullied him or he was being scolded by his teacher. At this time, he still did not tell me what happened and I still did not notice about his hair until...I received a message from his teacher when we reached the basement car park of our home. At that instance, I was angry with his foolish decision and yet I could not help laughing at his funny hairstyle. I took a picture, cropped it and put it side by side to the picture I have taken 5 years ago and whatsapp to the hub. Both of us laughed and could not believe they had similar expressions.

Oh well...since there is a small obvious "gap" on his fringe, I decided to bring him for a haircut the next day. To make his "bad haircut" less obvious, the hairdresser has to cut it real short.

After the haircut, the conversation went..
Me: Do you like your haircut?
Junior YS: No....my friend are going to laugh at me. I have learnt my lesson.
Me: So...if your friend asks you to do something wrong by hurting yourself or other people, will you still follow?
Junior YS: No

I really hope he has learnt his lesson well this time round.

The guilty look

  The "repentant" look

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