Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Go-Karting Experience @ Plentong

Who loves go-karting? My kids love it when they are playing online or at the games arcade but they have never tried the real stuff before. My first encounter with go-karting was during my university days. We were brought to the karting area by our school during the orientation week. It was so fun! 

With no plan or intention to travel anywhere this December school holiday, we decided to venture into Johor Bahru to try out the go-karting. The cost of go-karting in Singapore is definitely more expensive (about 3 times more) as compared to Malaysia. Hb did his research and decided to bring along his team of staff for a team building session. We braved our way through the causeway jam to reach the destination. If you love the thrill of speed, this is the place worth to check it out.

The first thing we did when we reached Johor Bahru was to fill up our tummies with yummy food. The karting area is situated very way in. We passed by the oil palm plantation, a few cows were standing by the side of the road and the smell of cow dung lingering in the natural air. By the time we reached Plentong Karting it was already 3pm.

We were stopped by someone at the "guard post" which the driver had to furnish his/her driving licence for record purposes.

The children's enthusiastic mood was dampened initially because the working staff told us it was not safe for children to try out the go-kart due to the high volume of people go-karting on the race track on weekend. We were advised to bring them down on weekdays instead. Since we came all the way there, the adults decided not to waste any more time and went for it first.

We paid RM40 per pax for 10 minutes each time and if you are a "safe driver" like me, probably you can go for about 4 to 5 laps within 10 minutes. If you are feeling "young & dangerous", the number of laps will be more than that for sure. Be prepared to get your face dirty and hit by small stones while driving :P

Safety wise, I think it is not 100% safe because the go-kart engine is placed beside the seat. As long as you are careful enough, it should not be a major issue.

We stayed there until about 6pm (the go-kart area closed at 6.30pm) and realised most people had left and we were the last group of people still hanging around. We decided to try our luck and asked if the kids were able to try out the go-kart. Of course, they were given the green light to go for 10 minutes on the race track.

For hygiene purpose, disposable hair nets were available for us to use before we put on the helmet. Children were assessed by the working staff to make sure they knew how to brake and accelerate properly. For shorties like me *haha*, they will insert pillow behind my back to make sure my legs were able to reach for the accelerator and the brake.

For first timer kid, a rope will be tied to the go-kart and held on by one of their staff for safety reason.

YS gave a thumb up before the start of the race.

Once the staff feels the kid is stable enough, they will slowly release the rope and let the kid roam freely on the race track.

There is also a viewing tower for spectators to sit there and watch the race.

If go-karting is not enough for you, buggy will be an alternative option. There are double or single seater to choose from. Be prepare to get muddy and dirty because the buggy is meant to drive on the dirt track. Luckily I brought extra clothing for them to change.

The kids is looking forward to come back again for another round of go-kart.

Permas Go-Kart Club Sdn Bhd
Lot 1195 Jalan Bunga Matahari
Taman Plentong Hari
81750 Johor Bahru

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