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Cognitive Whizz x BrainFit: Science Escapade December 2017 Camp

The beginning of 2018 has been kind of chaotic for us with the eldest who has just embarked on the Secondary School life. Just when I thought we could have more time after the dreadful PSLE, the erratic schedules of my kids are driving me insane. Which explained why this long overdue post is taking me so long to write, okay...enough of my rambling :P

Back to the topic of this Science Escapade Camp which Junior YS attended during December school holiday last year. He was anticipating to attend the Science camp again not only because it was interesting and fun but also because he got to learn new science concepts as well. He never once complained about being bored because Denise (the founder) and her assistant teachers were making sure the lessons were engaging and interesting throughout the 4 days camp. Children who attended the camp were very curious and intrigued by those stories and science experiments conducted during lessons. As a parent, I am truly impressed by the dedication of the founder who will (without fail) Whatsapp to all parents what the children had learnt every day and giving suggestions on how we can reinforce those science concepts with them at home.

Day 1:
The fairy tale of Cinderella was used to teach them about static electricity and current electricity through the experiment by using static duster and balloons. They learnt about atoms, protons and neutrons.

Day 2: 
Through the story of The Animal Singers of Bremen, children were taught to identify the centre of gravity, correlating the centre of gravity with stability and let the children understand Newton's 1st Law of Motion - Inertia. 

Day 3:
Using the story of The Dreamy Milkmaid, they did experiments to show how soap reduces surface tension. They learnt why water droplets are round, which liquid has a greater surface tension and even transformed milk into curd and whey. There was more milk chemistry experiments shown to them.

Day 4:
One of the most popular children stories, Frozen, was used to unravel the Science behind Osmosis. The children were thrilled using the snow polymer to make fake snow, and observing how concentrated salt water reacted when it was added to the snow polymers. 

Basically, there were many other experiments demonstrated during the 4 days camp but I shall not elaborate too much. The children need to come and attend the camp to experience the fun factor :)  

The children’s curiosity was piqued, as they explored the effects of closed vs open circuits, and conductors vs insulators.

Denise was guiding the children’s thought processes, to apply Physics concepts in building an "electric cleaner" for Cinderella!

Amazed to see them trying to help one of their group members to clear her doubt.

Exploring Science concepts through creative play – assembling and experimenting with the electric cleaner!

The children were all engaged in discovering the concept of surface tension and its ‘magical’ effects.

More discoveries – Adding dish soap to break the surface tension!

The junior chemists had a tremendous fun time transforming milk into curd and whey – a multi-sensorial experiment!

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For more information, check out their facebook page 
You may also contact 90097086 or email info@cogntivewhizz.com to
find out more!

Disclaimer: Junior YS was sponsored to attend the December holiday workshop conducted by Cognitive Whizz. No monetary was compensated, all opinions are our own. 

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