Monday, December 31, 2018

Family Holiday Trip to Seoul in 2018...

It has been more than a month since we came back from Seoul, the capital city of South Korea. The kids were telling me how much they missed the country, the weather and all the places we have visited. Come to think of it, the last family trip overseas was about 2.5 years ago so when the kids knew that we have booked the air-tickets for the November trip to experience the late autumn in Seoul, they were ecstatic. 

This trip was even more meaningful because of both my in-laws and my mother came along with us and I was tasked by the hb to plan for the 6 days 5 nights itinerary. When I was in the midst of planning, I started to get a bit worried as mil is a vegetarian. Looking for places that served vegetarian food can be a little bit challenging but I guess all my worries were unfounded when we were there. Another worry was the long walking distance and the inaccessibility to lifts because elderlies could not walk for too long. Luckily, the cold weather made it easier for them to bear coz they felt less lethargic and we tried to walk slowly at their paces.

You may ask me, why I did not choose to go during the winter season? Firstly, if we go to a skiing resort for holiday, I will be worried the elderlies will be bored and winter sports might be unsuitable for them. Thus, we dropped the idea and decided to go during the autumn season instead. I guess we were pretty lucky as we get to experience the first snowfall in the city which happened on 24th November 2019. 

I remembered my kids were telling me the night before that there might be snow the next day because they were checking the weather forecast every single day. The next morning, I was woken up by their "morning" call and was alerted by the kids that it was snowing. True enough, I opened the hotel's window and was greeted by the beautiful sight of white falling snow. We grabbed our jackets and dashed down in our pyjamas. It was so funny and I guess the kids were old enough to remember this special moment spent together as a family in a foreign land.

Before I deleted these apps from my mobile phones, these are some of the useful apps I used during this trip. In fact, I was using Sygic Travel App for the itinerary planning and I could share it within the family members. The rest are very useful for the weather forecast, recommendation for places to eat and visit.

As I am still sorting through my pictures, I will blog more about the places we've been to bit by bit.

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