Tuesday, December 18, 2018

The Journey To A Better Smile For YS

Teeth straightening has been on the eldest's agenda a few years ago due to overbite issue and gaps in between his teeth. We searched online and even consulted a few orthodontists for their expert opinions and we were advised to wait until all his milk teeth have dropped before starting on the braces treatment.

Besides seeking advice from friends, I researched online on the types of orthodontic treatment available in the market and the price range we were comfortable with. We decided to choose the most conventional type which was the metal braces and a nearby dental clinic for convenience sake. We were lucky that the dental clinic was having the student promotion for braces treatment.

At the beginning of 2018, the orthodontist advised us to wait for a few more months for 4 more milk tooth to drop out by itself. We were told to come back in June 2018 for another consultation. In June 2018, YS only managed to drop 1 milk tooth. We were told to wait and see for another 6 months or to pluck out the remaining 3 milk tooth so that can expedite the process. We decided to take the faster route and went ahead with the extraction. Finally, YS was given the green light by the orthodontist to start on the braces during the next consultation on November 2018.

We were informed that YS might have to wear for 1 to 2 years depending on the progress. Periodic check by the orthodontist is a must to make sure the teeth are aligned properly. Hopefully, his teeth will align neatly and nicely and he can smile confidently in future.
X-ray to show the teeth alignment.

Chose his favourite coloured "rubber bands" for his braces.
Try to avoid yellow colour so that your teeth won't look too yellowish :P

Fixing the metal bracket on each tooth.

There will be some sacrifices you have to make when you decided to put on metal braces. Chewing gum (when you are in another country) and biting of nuts/ice cubes are not recommended. Initial discomfort after putting on the metal braces will be present for a few days and it is better to eat soft food such as porridge. Ulcers may appear due to the friction between the metal brackets and the internal part of the mouth. As the saying goes "no pain, no gain" but I am glad YS is getting used to it now.

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