Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Family Trip to Seoul - Day 2

I am so slack to update our travel posts and work has been a bit overwhelming on the front plus this year is another PSLE year again for my 2nd born. Of course, I am trying my best to put up all my Korea travel posts as fast as I could before I forget the major bulk of it.

Moving on to the 2nd day, I really wanted to bring the family to try out the popular Korean porridge at MiGaBon located nearby our hotel at Myeongdong. I mean it is highly recommended online so I thought we should at least try and see what's hype about Korean porridge. We changed our mind upon seeing the long queue outside the restaurant and decided to look around the nearby area for other alternatives. We were stopped and greeted by the friendly staff who stood outside of 多岛海鲜 (Yakiniku Restaurant).   

At the entrance of the restaurant.

We were led to sit on the upper deck of the restaurant.

Quite surprised to see so many famous actors and actresses who patronised this restaurant before.

Some of the yummy local delicacies ordered for breakfast.

When "suaku" tourists like ourselves who were so fascinated with autumn leaves that were as big as our faces. 

An impromptu stopover at Bosingak Bell Ringing Ceremony while we were on our way to Gyeongbokgung Palace. The performance takes place between 11am to 12.20pm daily (closed on Monday). During this duration, visitors can try on traditional outfits, take photos and take part in the bell-ringing ceremony for FREE.

We were very lucky to be able to take part in the free bell-ringing ceremony. We were told to make our wishes as we hit the bell repeatedly. I lost count on the number of times we hit the bell. 

I really love the internal structure and design.

Make a wish! You never know unless you try right?

We finally reached Gyeongbokgung Palace on foot by trying to figure our way via Google map. We decided to just visit this palace because this is the first and largest royal palace built during the Joseon Dynasty.

We decided to follow what the majority of tourists did by renting the Hanbok costume at the nearby costume rental shop.

We rented for 4 hours but in the end, we did not utilise the whole 4 hours because the weather was pretty cold that day.

There is a wide range of sizes suitable for children to women (from petite frame to plus size frame). Staffs working in the shop will assist tourists to wear hanboks after choosing the designs they preferred.

It felt as if we have travelled back in time.

Our next destination was Jogyesa Temple, it is one of the most important Buddhist temples built during the Goryeo period. Serenity and calmness can be found within the temple despite it is located in the city area.

Golden statues of Buddha are located inside this building.

When in Seoul, we must try the Korean Soju.

Of course, not forgetting to end our night with Korean BBQ :)

Sharing what we did on Day 3 of our Seoul trip.

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