Friday, February 21, 2020

A Fulfilling Year of 2019.....

I have not been diligently updating for so many months in 2019 but luckily I have tried to update as much as possible at my IG page side....

Started the littlest for his 1st basketball lesson at ActiveSG since I have long stopped his weekly swimming lesson. 

PSLE year is always a busy year for the kid and me. Regular tuitions and revisions have ended the moment the PSLE exam is over! Freedom for both of us and a treat for ourselves for the hard work we have put in for this whole year.

The daughter getting her hard work and contribution recognised by her school was a happy moment for her and I am very proud of her.

The decision to travel to Osaka was the last thing on my mind last year but we were glad to have the opportunity to bring the kids over to experience a different culture. It was an eye-opener for them!

Last year, all of them managed to obtain certification from the Edusave award and the littlest received 2 awards. 

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