Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Coopervision MiSight 1 Day Contact Lenses

YQ was found to be myopic during the school's yearly health check when she was 8 years old. Despite our effort to cultivate good eye care habits to our kids, it's still impossible to have full prevention. In the end, all my kids are unable to escape the fate of being myopic at a young age.

It’s so important to share that Myopia is progressive and irreversible! While it starts off as mild, it can quickly progress to moderate or high myopia. In fact, myopia often rapidly progresses between ages 6-17, the key growing ages for children and their eyes!

We may be very familiar with myopia as being shortsighted/nearsighted but it doesn’t just mean the degree of blurriness of objects viewed from distances. High myopia actually increases our risk of future eye health problems, such as cataracts, glaucoma, retinal detachment that could eventually end with a vision loss.

Protecting our future sight is so important, especially with the ever-increasing myopic rate among children in Singapore. 

When YQ was offered the opportunity to try out CooperVision MiSight 1 day contact lenses by CooperVision at W Optics, I thought it's just an ordinary daily disposable lens. After some research, little did I know these lenses are specially designed to help children to slow down the myopia progression. 

MiSight 1 day is a 1 day disposable lens suitable for myopic children, It not only corrects short-sightedness so children enjoy clear spectacle-free vision. It has a special optical design which may help slow down the speed at which myopia progresses too.

MiSight 1 day is a soft contact lens that has been shown to reduce myopia progression in children by 59% on average, over a three year period, compared to a single-vision contact lens.1 MiSight utilizes ActivControl technology, a special optical design, allowing children to see clearly while slowing their myopia progression and eyeball growth. Eyeball growth, the driver for myopia progression, was reduced by 52% over three years in children wearing MiSight 1 day contact lenses, compared to single-vision contact lens. MiSight 1 day contact lens is FDA approved for myopia management.

The fitting appointment was arranged swiftly by the staff from W Optics located at Suntec City branch. This flagship of W Optics store is the largest vision care store – covering 5,000 sq ft – in Singapore. The first-of-its-kind retail concept is committed to changing the approach to vision care in Singapore. Offering optical solutions at the forefront of the industry. 

We were served by a very friendly optometrist and she was very patient with YQ. A detailed eye examination was conducted to confirm the actual prescription for her eyes and to find out her suitability for MiSight contact lenses. Contact lenses classified as a medical device in Singapore and an eye examination is mandatory in order for the any registered optical shop to dispense it. Also, an eye examination is required to find out his/her suitability for such lenses before committing to the treatment.  

Children as young as 8-year-old can also be a suitable candidate with some help from parents. According to Coopervision parent feedback study, parents would usually wonder if contact lenses are suitable for their child. The result of the same study showed that after 1 month of usage, over 80% of the parents are comfortable with their child wearing contact lenses.

After that, the optometrist told my girl to wash her hands and asked her to relax before guiding her through the steps and techniques on how to put on the contact lenses slowly. Being a first-timer, YQ was feeling a bit intimidated to put these contact lenses on her eyes. Therefore, the whole process of putting on and taking out was repeatedly done a few more times to make sure she was comfortable with it. The optometrist also played a huge part on motivating YQ throughout the whole process.

I am so glad that she is starting to get used with MiSight 1 day contact lenses now. Imagine the freedom of not wearing the spectacle when she is dancing or taking part in any active sports. The convenience of using disposable lenses is to be able to discard after using and no more worry about cleaning and disinfection. Most importantly this contact lenses can manage the progression of her myopia.

Ideally, your child should be on the MiSight journey for minimally 12 months. On average, eye growth slows down at the age of 18. However, everyone is different. Once diagnosed, your child’s myopia should be monitored by an optometrist to ensure that it does not progress before concluding the journey of myopia management.

It is very important to manage myopia early than later! Start myopia management early is higher recommended as it will be harder if it’s too late.

If you wish to know more about CooperVision MiSight 1 day contact lenses, do contact any W-Optics outlets for more information.

Contact number: 67361303
Open Mon – Sun: 10:30am till 9:30pm

Disclaimer: A collaboration with W-Optics on CooperVision MiSight 1 Day contact lenses for review purpose as we will be updating more on our Instagram page or Facebook page.

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