Friday, August 15, 2008

14 Months

Little princess has been quite responsive to what we say or do since young, her development is slightly faster than her kor kor. She will express her needs not only by actions but also verbally, which really surprised me *wink*! She is very sensitive to our facial expressions, she knows she has done something wrong & starts to cry when we show her an angry face. She knows she has done something correctly & starts to clap her hands when we smile or praise her. Time passes so fast & it seems like yesterday she's still cuddling in my arms, she has been a very easy baby to take care of, hardly has any colic problems since young. She even started to hold her own milk bottle when she was about 4 months old. A very considerate girl to this stressful mummy of hers. She knows what time to sleeps & gave mummy ample of rest. She likes to go out & observe the surrounding, hardly create any havoc when mummy brings her out for shopping. She likes to hum along with her kor kor or us when she likes the melody of the song. She likes to put her leg up & rest onto the other leg while she's drinking her milk (in fact kor kor also behaves the same way as mei mei). Recently I have been trying to expose her to flash card whenever I'm free to do so & I composed a new ABC song just to attract her attention. Using the "两只老虎" nursery tunes, I changed the lyrics to:

"A for Apple, A for Apple
B for Boy, B for Boy
C for Cat, C for Cat
D for Dog, D for Dog".....etc

Mei Mei's "Boss" drinking style

Learning & playing with the Alphabet Flash Cards

YQ's Conversation from Ami on Vimeo.


  1. YonQing is such a pretty little girl! Actually - you have two very good looking children :) You and Yong Yi must be so proud!

  2. Thks Gin! I do hope they have their papa's brain & height when they grow up..:P