Monday, August 11, 2008

New Swimming Complex

The new Anchorvale Community Centre
Walking towards the entrance

Mei Mei waiting patiently
A picture taken from the entrance of the pool
New water slides facility
Where is papa?
The children like to swim (or should I say play with water), so we will try to bring them out for a swim whenever we have the time to do so. Normally we will go to the one located at Hougang, but last Saturday we decided to try the new facilities at the newly opened public swimming complex located at Anchorvale Community Centre. The facilities here is quite different from other public pools we've been to, there was a sheltered adult pool, outdoor adult pool, various water slides for people who are 1.2m & above and not forgetting the children pool....
YanShang was a bit terrified at first because the water at the children pool kept splashing down onto the pool plus after 2 attempts on the children's slide. YongQing was feeling a bit bored later on (maybe the pool was not deep enough for her to float & swim), she was basically walking around the pool. But I was having a fun time trying out the adult water slide (minus away the water that got into my nose)! Hub managed to do a few lap of exercise before leaving too. Since the children did not enjoy much at the pool, we decided to pack up and go after the crowds started to come in.


  1. Nice swimming complex! I've always like the swimming complexes in singapore.... here we have one which is extremely pathetic!

  2. Yah...I know what you mean :)
    That is one of the reason why I like Singapore, we don't need to stay in private apartment yet we can enjoy facilities that is equally as good.