Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Simple Pleasures In Life

A simple bus & train trip to the town could make the children so happy! 
The children could not contain their excitement when I told them that we were going to take the public transport that day.
I knew they loved to tap their cards to pay for their fares.
We should do this more often :)

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  1. See I always think I should do this but haven't yet, a cheap day out to keep kids amused I bet! Clever mumma!

  2. My boys love using the trains , today was a transport excursion and I bet some country kids had never been on the train.

  3. Our kids love the train when we visit the city!

  4. Looks like a lovely day out! We sometimes take ours on the train into Chinatown for yum cha, the train trip is always the highlight of the day.

  5. We don't have this in the country. We love using the trams when we go to the city though. When I stayed in the burbs in Sydney, the train is what we used to go anywhere!