Monday, April 14, 2014

Mama's 57th Birthday!

Every single year, my mom will tell me not to plan any celebration for her as she is the type that does not fancy this sort of celebration. Simply because this sort of happiness is quite superficial to her and only lasted for 5 minutes or so. Oh well! This is her personal philosophy anyway. She rather be happy when we appreciate what she does for us every single day.
In the end, we still went ahead with the small celebration planned for her last week...

The older kids made birthday card for their Grandma and made her very happy that early morning. During the evening, we brought her to have her favourite Japanese food and I went to Pine Gardens and bought a Bailey's Chocolate Crunch cake for her. It was the first time for us to try an "alcoholic" cake and Junior YS loved it so much that he had 2 servings that night but too bad, the alcohol content in the cake did not seem to have much effect on him :P

Happy Birthday Mama! 
I hope I did not give you too much trouble over the years and hopefully I won't cause any problem / burden for you to handle coz now it should be your time to enjoy your life!

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