Wednesday, April 16, 2014

MOE Excel Fest 2014

As we were near Suntec City area, decided to drop by there to check out the MOE Excel Fest 2014. The children had so much fun going to individual booths set up by various Primary schools, Secondary schools & Junior Colleges. They tried out activities & craft works prepared by these schools.

Just when the kids had so much fun, Junior YS tripped over the hump (which looked like used for covering all the wires and cables) and cut his lips. Luckily we were very near the First Aid room and was directed to the room for treatment. We were told by the people from the First Aid room that it was not the first time children tripped & fell over. Anyway, I voice out my concern by filling up the form at the feedback area and hopefully the organiser for the exhibition next year will rectify this problem.

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  1. Looks like fab activity! Thanks for sharing photos! #WW