Friday, October 2, 2015

DC Comics Super Heroes Cafe

We brought the kids to MBS for a skating session on YS's birthday. You know...after a great workout and everyone was feeling so hungry. We chanced upon this cafe full of super heroes characters and were enticed to go in to take a look. The cafe was located just beside their retail outlet and so we decided to have our dinner there.

There was a short queue and we waited quite a while to get a seat. I'm not sure if the timing was a bit late but most of the food we wanted to order were not available. Anyway, we ordered what was available and waited quite a while for our food to arrive.

Everything in this cafe including the food menu is related to DC Comics. We were seated at the Wonder Woman section :)

The Dynamic Duo's Double Choc Craack!
A very sweet drink but the kids loved it.

Aquaman's Fish & Chips. Just fish and chips lah! Pretty normal...nothing to elaborate on.

Batman's Dark Knight. My boy gave a thumb up for this burger. There's wagyu beef with grilled portobello mushrooms, vege and cheese.

Superman Has Gone Bizarro For Bolognaise. Linguine with minced wagyu beef and bolognaise sauce. I reckoned the beef made everything nicer.

I forgotten to take a picture of another main course coz we were so famished...lols! I would not say the food was super fantastic but still acceptable in my opinion.

2 Bayfront Avenue 
#01-03/04/05 Marina Bay Sands
Singapore 018956

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