Wednesday, September 19, 2018

YS's 13th Birthday

"I don't feel excited about my birthday this year", YS said. I know it's kind of sad to hear this from my first born especially when we do not have the habit to organise any big birthday party for any of our children. I really salute to those parents who did all these fanciful and glamorous parties for their children every year coz it really takes a lot of time, effort and money to organise one proper birthday party. From ordering the type of cake design, food planning, party decor, booking of venue, party activities and the list can go on.

However, I did tell them that I am willing to splurge on a birthday party for them to invite their friends over on their 12th birthday. Why on their 12th birthday? Probably I felt this will be the last year of their Primary School life and it will be more meaningful too. Sadly, this boy of mine has decided to forgo the birthday party last year. 

This year, we did the usual birthday celebration for him by bringing him to eat his favourite food. Before that, I wanted to surprise him by bringing him to somewhere fun. The idea of indoor prawning came to my mind but hb (who was busy at work) suggested to bring them to Escape Room. Silly me heard it wrongly and brought them to Laser Tag instead. Nonetheless, they enjoyed themselves thoroughly. The most rewarding thing was when YS thanked me and told me that he enjoyed himself very much.

Dear YS,

You are officially a teenager now. 
Truth to be told, you have to face the reality of  "growing up" and this phase is not going to be a bed of roses for you.
Learning to be more mature in terms of thinking and action.
Learning to be more considerate and helpful to the people around you.
Learning about how to manage your time properly.
Learning to look at the situation from different perspectives.
Learning to be more positive in your thinking.
I know you are yearning to have more freedom like all your peers and we slowly learning to let go one step at a time.

Happy Birthday my son!

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