Friday, November 30, 2018

Get Healthy With Eu Yan Sang

Traditionally, people believed that Chinese herbs can aid and improve the overall well-being of our bodies. It's like a natural remedy we prefer to consume to make sure we can "tune" our bodies to become healthier and stronger.

My encounter with Chinese herbs started way back when I was very young. My paternal grandparents used to run a Chinese Medical Hall in a small town back in Malaysia. I remembered standing behind the counter overlooking at those customers who will come in and seek consultation from her on the types of herb for consumption. Behind the counter were a big chest of wooden drawers and big glass jars all filled with traditional herbs. She would take out herbs from individual wooden drawers and placed them on a weighing scale. The concoction of herbs will be wrapped up in pink papers and she will advise them on the preparation method. Even though paternal grandparents have long gone to a better place, these memories will be forever etched in my mind.

Throughout my growing up years, my mother would buy Chicken Essence, Bird's Nest and even Bak Foong Pills to make sure I have enough of these to improve my health. Even as a mother of 3 children now, I would heat up bottles of Chicken Essense before their major exams period and get the older kids to take Tian Qi Pills during their puberty period. At times when they sustain any injuries, I will mix a bit of Tian Qi powder into their milo to speed up on their recovery. 

When Eu Yan Sang approached me to do a review on their products, I agreed without any hesitation because I know Eu Yan Sang's products are reputable and reliable for their quality assurance. 

About Eu Yan Sang
Eu Yan Sang aims to be a leading and trusted integrative health and wellness company with a unique heritage in Chinese Medicine. Founded since 1879, they are recognised as one of the largest Chinese Medicine groups in Asia, with unrivalled reputation as the leader in the industry.
They are at the forefront of adopting modern and scientific approaches in the production and retailing of natural health and wellness products. Today, their offerings extend beyond retail outlets, Chinese Medicine clinics and concept lifestyle stores- with the aim of keeping Chinese Medicine relevant as a part of mainstream healthcare and modern lifestyle.
Power Up! Combo ($52.40)
Power Up! Appetite, Power Up! Vision and Power Up! Concentration ($17.90 each box of 6 bottles) 

Power Up! Concentration contains 100% pure chicken goodness.
Power Up! Vision contains 100% pure chicken goodness with Wolfberries, Beiqi and Baihe.
Power Up! Appetite contains 100% pure chicken goodness with Dangshen, Huaishan and Fuling.
Eu Yan Sang's Chicken Essense specially formulated for children. 
There are 3 different flavours and their Chicken Essense does not contain caramel colouring.

Pure Cordyceps (30 capsules @ $49.90 & 90 capsules @ $113)

Cordyceps is a tonic that promotes healthy energy levels by supporting the respiratory system and strengthening immunity defence. Due to hub's hectic work schedule, he hardly has enough rest. I gave him 2 capsules each day for more than a month now and I noticed there is a difference in his health. He looks less fatigue and no complaints about any breathlessness anymore.

Tian Qi Powder is commonly used in our household. It can be used externally or internally. On days when adults or children sustained any injuries (such as sprains or swelling), Tian Qi Powder is our "remedy" to speed up with the wound healing, reduce swelling and aids in blood circulation. My children are also taking it during their puberty stage to aid in their growth.

A pack of 6 bottles ($49.90)

This is suitable for all ages. Not only does it have beauty benefits, but it is also believed to speed up recovery. Bird's Nest is one of the nourishment I will take during my past pregnancies. Now Eu Yan Sang has the reduced sugar version, pregnant ladies do not have to worry about the high sugar content and the risk of getting diabetes anymore.

A pack of 6 bottles ($22.50)

The rich & sweet taste of Chicken Essence is suitable for the young and old. The sweetness from the Goji Berries and Red Dates made the Chicken Essense more palatable to drink. It aids in visual improvement and blood nourishment to our bodies. 

With the festive season approaching soon, it's a good option to buy some tonic from Eu Yan Sang to pamper your loved ones.

Disclaimer: We received products from Eu Yan Sang for review purpose. No monetary was compensated, all opinions are my own.

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