Monday, March 18, 2019

Family Trip to Seoul - Day 1

Travelling as a group in a foreign country can be quite challenging if we have no intention to self-drive. Our initial plan to rent a vehicle was cancelled as we were worried about the difficulty to read Korean road signs. Thus, taking the mode of public transport became the next alternative for us. We purposely took the red-eye flight on Thursday night so that we could reach Seoul on Friday morning. 

The airport limousine service was located right outside of the Incheon Airport entrance and we proceeded to purchase tickets from the counter. It did not take very long for us to wait for the limousine bus and I was quite impressed with the clean and spacious interior of the coach. The whole journey took about slightly more than 1 hour to reach Myeongdong station which was totally fine for us as we were able to enjoy the scenery along the way to the hotel.

Enjoyed the smooth ride from the airport to our destination.

Beautiful scenery with the blue sky and the deep blue sea.


Pacific hotel for our 6D5N stay which was conveniently located near MyeongDong Street and within walking distance to Namsan Cable Car. The rooms were spacious and clean.

As the check-in time at the hotel was a few hours away, we decided to deposit our luggage at the hotel concierge. We went to the nearby cafe to have some breakfast and took a leisurely walk to nearby Namsan Cable Car Station after that.

Round trip tickets for 4 adults, 2 kids + 2 seniors

The scenic view was taken on our way up to the N Seoul Tower.

So many "love locks" were locked on the railing. The shop up there was selling each "love lock" for 10000 won. I was not willing to part with my money on this marketing gimmick :P Alternatively, you can buy a cheaper lock elsewhere and bring it up to N Seoul Tower.

The Observatory Tower
We bought our entrance tickets from kkday online on the spot.

Admiring the view of Seoul.

We decided to take it slow and easy on our first night in Seoul and decided to venture into the MyeongDong food street area. It is very similar to our local "pasar malam" in Singapore or Malaysia. It was more enjoyable to walk in Seoul due to the cold weather. We wanted to try a bit of everything and we felt so full with all tastings of local delights that night. After that, we went around to do some shopping to end the day.

That's basically the end of our first day in Seoul.
I will find time to blog about what we did on our 2nd day.

2nd Day in Seoul
3rd Day in Seoul

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