Thursday, March 19, 2020

Family Trip to Seoul - Day 5

Finally, I get to sit down and write about our final part spent in Seoul. With the recent fear of Covid-19 and the implementation of lockdown in some countries has made me treasure more of those times we got to travel together as a family. I dunno how long this virus is going to lead us to but for now I felt it is best to avoid crowded places as much as possible. 

Our final day in Seoul was spent at Everland. I think parents with kids will understand that no matter where we go, we will try the best of our ability to bring our kids to at least one of their favourite destination in that country. Before the trip, hub tried to ask our Korean friend for his opinion on Lotte World or Everland since we have limited days to spend in Seoul. In the end, Lotte World was ditched from our itinerary and we decided to go ahead with just Everland. 

We took a shuttle bus service located just nearby our hotel in the morning. We were dropped off at the parking lot beside the entrance to Everland.

The whole Everland compound was very big and spacious. The kids had so much fun that day. I shall just let my pictures do the talking....

We did not stay until the last shuttle bus service. In fact, we left slightly early to go back to Myeongdong to settle our dinner and did some last-minute shopping.

During dinner, we managed to eat at the famous porridge place in Myeongdong. On one of those days we were there, there was a long queue outside the porridge shop "Migabon" early in the morning and we decided to give up after queuing for quite a while.  

After dinner, we wandered around Myeongdong and ended the night with some self-portraits drawn by some street artists.

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