Friday, December 30, 2016

Fly To Busan - Part 4

Dalmaji-gil Road + Seomyeon Underground Shopping Center
Gwangalli Beach + Gwangan Bridge

We spent our last day in Busan by walking around. Yes! I think we have burnt lots of calories by walking so much that day but the funny thing was we did not feel tired at all. Probably the cold weather made our walk much easier :)

Dalmaji-gil Road:
Apparently, there are cafes, restaurants, art galleries and flea market on every weekend too. The place was supposed to be quite near where we stay but we took a longer way to reach there. I was actually slightly disappointed with the flea market as I was expecting a lot of stalls selling many things. In the end, there were about less than 20 stalls only.

We walked all the way up along the steep road.

Scenic view as we walked to our destination.

Finally reached Dalmaji-gil Road...

Sellers started to set up their stalls.

We went to get a cup of hot chocolate at one of the cafes.

Seomyeon Underground Shopping Center:
If you are a shopaholic, this will be an alternative place for you to shop without have to worry about the weather coz shops are located underground. I bought some really nice hoodies for my kids at a great discount after I bargained with the seller.

Our local friends brought us to one of their favourite restaurants to have bulgogi beef. 

Gwangalli Beach + Gwangan Bridge:
After dinner, we passed by the Gwangalli beach. People were busy playing with fireworks illegally beach side. You can play if you want to but make sure don't get caught by the police.

Lots of pojangmacha (tented restaurants) are available for guests to sit in and have their meal.

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